The Circuit

There is no closed circuit in Cornwall where young riders can train or race. We as a club (One and All) have been using the Wheal Jane site for a number of years for One and All Youth Academy training. However it is an incomplete circuit as a section of it is gravel.


The Project

We approached the Wheal Jane board with a mind to raising money to have the gravel section covered with tarmac. The Board’s reaction was a real delight and a surprise. They agreed to fund the resurfacing to the tune of £50,000. They asked us to raise £10,000 as a contribution. For that contribution Wheal Jane will continue to give us access for training during the week and during weekends. Additionally they will give us exclusive use of the newly resurfaced circuit to promote British Cycling sanctioned races during the week and at weekends.


The Benefits

This will allow us to promote youth racing and adult racing without incurring serious costs. We have, as a club, discussed the development of cycling facilities and this was by far the most immediate and inexpensive opportunity. It is a fantastic opportunity for Cornwall to have its own closed cycle circuit that will not only benefit the development of cycling and cycle racing in Cornwall, but will contribute to strengthening the race calendar in the south west region and will provide an excellent race facility for not only local clubs and riders, but for those from the wider south west, including Devon, the South Hams, Exeter and Somerset.


The Crowd Funder

It is with this great news in mind that we had to seize the opportunity and for this we needed your help. We have a plan to have the circuit operational for the start of the 2016 season, and to this end we have already raised the initial £10,000 needed to resurface part of the circuit to make it operational for racing. In November we launched a crowdfunder campaign, and due to the fantastic support from local businesses, cycling clubs and generous individuals, we not only raised the £10,000 needed for the resurfacing, but we went into ‘overfunding’ and raised a total of £17,740 plus some later donations which enabled us to initiate ‘phase 2’ of the project to now concentrate on securing additional funds for on-site facilities such as toilets, changing rooms, storage, and race equipment.


Please join us

We ask that you join with us in donating to the campaign and help to make this a reality by sharing the information with anyone who you feel may be interested in this worthwhile project, be it friends, fellow cyclists young and old, local businesses, cycle shops, sports persons or local media. It is with your enthusiastic input and action that we together can make this worthwhile facility come to fruition.

Thank you for your interest in the project. Please stay tuned, watch this space and like our Facebook page for the all the latest news and developments of the Wheal Jane Cycle Circuit. You can subscribe to my email newsletter and view the ‘latest news’ section to keep up to date.

Best Wishes

Rod James

Chair of One & All Cycling, Cornwall


Rod James at the Wheal Jane Cycle Racing Circuit



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