The Wheal Jane cycle circuit consists of a 1.4 km loop that is situated within two levels at the top part of the Wheal Jane site. At the highest part of the circuit the track has a fast long flat section with some slight gentle curves, before encountering a tight, almost 180 degree, right-hand hairpin corner that leads into a gentle, moderate 200 metre descent, where the rider moves into the flat open industrial area and turns gently left to make headway through the office complex area.


Wheal Jane Circuit Map 1


Once through the office complex area, another wide right curve takes us onto a brief flat section, before hitting the incline of the fast but steep 100 metre climb, bringing us to a tight right hand curve at the top of the climb, that brings us back onto the long flowing top section of the circuit, which eventually leads us back to the hairpin, after which we re-enter the descent again.

Connected to the hairpin is another separate section of road, a continuation of the long flat section at the top of the circuit that could possibly be used for a 20 second sprint finish which leaves the loop of the circuit. There is also a possibility that this section could be incorporated into the circuit to lengthen the loop, with the use of central traffic bollards that would make it ‘two-way’ and allow for a temporary ‘turning circle’ or hairpin at the far end. Alternatively, this section can be used as a ‘neutral’ section for the start of the race, allowing a wide 30 or 40 second ‘ride in’ before connection to the actual circuit.


Wheal Jane Cycle Circuit Map 2


Longer term plans are for on-site amenities and extending of the circuit, as there are huge possibilities at Wheal Jane site for a much longer circuit, but at the present time all energies are focused on phase 1 of the project, a dedicated closed circuit cycle facility for Cornwall and the South West.

The circuit will be open for British Cycling sanctioned racing at the start of the 2016 race season, and the aim is for clubs and race promoters to use the circuit to promote events in both the short and long term, and in so doing, bolster the south west race and events calendar, providing a good selection of event and racing opportunities for cyclists in the Cornwall region and throughout the south west.


Top section and beginning of descent run Parallel before meeting at the hairpin



Looking down from the top of the descent parallel to the top section



Ariel view of the hairpin, descent, and top section



Descent on the left, flat top section on the right