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Season 1 - Thank you to all!

Season 1 – Thank You to All!




WJCC 2017 Race Dates!…

Below are the full list of individual dates for racing this year at Wheal Jane. These dates are now on the British Cycling website. Just follow the individual race links below and enter online. The youth races will be run as a series, and there are 3 adult races…


Dates for Adult racing 2017:

Event 1 – Sun 2nd April – Adult Races >>

Event 2 – Sun 7th May – Adult Races >>

Event 3 – Sun 16th July – Adult Races >>

(there are separate women’s, cat 2/3, and cat 4 races)


Dates for Youth Racing 2017:

Youth Round 1 – Sat 4th March >>
Youth Round 2 – Sat 1st April >>
Youth Round 3 – Sat 6th May >>
Youth Round 4 – Sat 3rd June >>
Youth Round 5 – Sat 15th July >>
Youth Round 6 – Sat 5th August >>
Youth Round 7 – Sat 16th Sept >> (coming soon)

(Youth races cats A-E)


Click here for the full list of youth races on the British Cycling website >>

Click here for the full list of all races on the British Cycling website >>


How do Crowdfunders receive their pledge rewards?

Regarding those crowd-funders who pledged and selected the reward option of half price racing for 2 races in 2016, they will have the opportunity to claim those credits against 2 of these races in 2017, but please note that the British Cycling event booking system is inflexible in this regard, so we are going to have to implement this via a refund after the event from Wheal Jane funds.

Rod James



Rod James at the Wheal Jane Cycle Racing Circuit


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Season 1 – Thank you to All!


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